Hotel Bornmühle receives Wellness-Aphrodite Award 2009

On November, 30th 2009 Hotel Bornmühle was awarded with the well-known Wellness-Aphrodite Award 2009 at a Gala at the Europe-Park Rust, Germany. The Hotel form Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania received the branch award in the category “Innovation“. 

Málaga CF wants to be in line with Hertha BSC – training in high-altitude at home!
The new high-altitude training center at Hertha BSC has risen international interest. After visiting the high altitude center of Berlin’s First League Soccer Club Hertha BSC, which has just recently been presented to the public, the spanish project developers from Clinicas Rincón have been convinced by the professional technical implementation. Directly underneath the soccer areny in Málaga 2 rooms of 40m2 and 50m2 shall now be integrated into a large and modernly equipped clinic. Both rooms can be set separately to an altitude level of up to 4.000m. Soon the professional soccer players of Málaga can conveniently increase their physical performance and rejuvinate in mountain climates. 
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Press Conference: Hertha BSC presents new LOWOXYGEN High Altitude training center:

at the press conference on Tuesday July 22nd 2008 Hertha BSC presented its new LOWOXYGEN SYSTEMS high altitude center at the Olympic stadion in Berlin. The press showed great interest in the modernly equipped training center. With this investment Hertha BSC leads the way in the German Soccer League. „We are the first team in the League with its own high altitude training center and we will not be the last one,“ said manager Dieter Hoeneß confidently in front of the press audience.  
Press echo on Wednesday Tuesday July 22nd 2008 (all in German language) :
Berliner Zeitung 
Berliner Morgenpost
Berliner Kurier
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"THE CUBE" in Dubai Sports City

NETZWERKHOTEL – Premium Magazine for Decision Makers in the Hotel Business 01/08
Dubai resounds throughout the land. Like no other city the arabic city’s tourism has boomed over the past year. The project developers of “The Cube” a unique building in Dubai Sports City trust in LOWOXYGEN technology. Until 2012 training facilities and a complete floor with rooms and suites will be equiped with the innnovative technology…
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LOXYSPA – More Quality of life through improved performance
NETZWERKHOTEL – Premium Magazine for Decision Makers in the Hotel Business 01/08
LOXYSPA provides excellent opportunities for the use of high-altitude climate in international top hotels. As worldwide first SPA-concept LOXYSPA unites the positive effects of high altitude climate on our organism and the traditional elements of a premium SPA.

Medical Wellness at the Tollensesee
NETZWERKHOTEL – Premium Magazine for Decision Makers in the Hotel Business 01/08
High Altitude Training like in Colorado – Sauna like in Finland
The extensive construction works and replacements at Hotel Bornmühle located right at the Tollensesee in Mecklenburg have been worthwhile. A spacious LOWOXYGEN training facility belongs to the new Medical Wellness concept …
Thin Air for Everybody. The Benefits of the Mountains – now everywhere!
Fit for Fun 02/2008
Loosing weight, improving your level of endurance or recovering faster: oxygen reduced air can always be supportive.
Moving in high-altitude climate stimulates the cardiovascular system…
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Hotel Bornmühle – Certificate from German Medical Wellness Association

medical_wellnes 06/07

High Altitude Training – Now more energy and more health throgh high altitude climate! Your health can benefit from our preventive-medical programs conducted in our LOWOXYGEN training facility.

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Thin Air for Adipose People
FOCUS 43/2007
First results of a study conducted in Bad Reichenhall show the positive effects of high-altitude climate on weight reduction.
A group of 20 test people suffering from obesity trained 3 times a week over 90 minutes with low intensity on a treadmill. Those subjects training in high-altitude atmosphere lost significantly more weight compared to those who trained under normal conditions.  

The Air gets thin at lake Tollensee 
Nordkurier - 27.04.07
It is talked a lot about Medical Wellness in this country. The association for public pools does, the association for tourism…(…)
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High-Altitude Training in Flatlands
Blitzverlag – Blickpunkte 27.04.07
Hotel Bornmühle provides as the first in its branch a facility for high-altitude training. The advantages of high-altitude training for health and performance are used by top level athletes and sports people…(…)
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Less Oxygen for Higher Performance
DAV Panorama 03/07
Trekker and Mountaineers benefit from training in a low oxygen environment. With high-altitude training or training under hypoxia (from Greek: low oxygen)

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Hotel Bornmühle installs Artificial Hypoxia
Medical + wellness 03/2007
As the first hotel in Europe Hotel Bornmühle, nicely located in the heart of the Mecklenburg lake-plateau, installs a facility with LOWOXYGEN SYSTEMS (…)
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Opening of the most modern centre for High-Altitude Training!

NETZWERKHOTEL - Premium Magazine for Decision-Makers in the Hotel Business 01/07
On the 2nd of March 2007 opened the internationally most modern centre for medical high-altitude training in Berlin, LOXYMED – High End Medical Care. On 400m2 hundereds of national as well as international guests experienced the innovative perspectives of this product. 
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Faster Regeneration – With Hypoxia and medical Wellness at the Worldwide largest High-Altitude Training Centre
WHO´S WHO - Europa Magazine  Summer 2006
The new health centre in Bad Reichenhall provides a sensational future vision: In August 2006 the Kurmittelhaus der Moderne, renovated for 7 Million Euros, opens its doors. Medicine and Therapy, Health and Wellness as well as Science and research will find here a new home. The highlight of the concept is the largest high-altitude training centre worldwide with over 151m2.It is named after the legendary mountaineer, Hermann Buhl… (…)
Altitude is Power
Fit for fun 03/2006
Training in thin air enhances the endurance and general fitness level. This FIT FOR FUN article explains how it works(…)  

High End Medical Wellness High-Altitude Training with L.O.S.
NETZWERKHOTEL – Premium Magazine for Decision-Makers in the Hotel Business  02/06
In this issue of NETWERKHOTEL the innovative technology of LOWOXYGEN SYSTEMS GmbH even made it on the cover page. Due to the positive effects on health and wellbeing, but also the unique opportunities for application, the technology is evaluated as providing great chances for future oriented hotels.

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