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“Wellness is out!” - Insider are now talking about the new “health style” boom. With LOWOXYGEN® and its positive effects on the human body, you can start profiting today. In the near future profits will go to the hoteliers who know how to adapt to changes in the health and wellness industry and carve out their own niche. Hypoxia offers interesting perspectives for the future with high levels of service competence." (Source: Netzwerkhotel - Premium Magazine for Decision-Makers in the Hotel Sector 02/06)


An exclusive product to integrate LOWOXYGEN® technology into existing rooms of small or medium size. Nothing will disturb or change the architectural style of the room. The system is integrated almost invisibly into the room as it is. If desired, independent, architectural refinements for an impressive spatial experience under hypoxia can be provided. The LOXYSUITE is particularly interesting for private use and hotels.