Sports & Alpinism

Training in high altitude has long been a part of practise routines in international sports.  With the availability of high altitude conditions at sea level, the “hypoxia-enhanced training” opens a new approach to the biological reserves for improved performance. 
LOWOXYGEN® SYSTEMS has accompanied athletes from more than 34 olympic disciplines including Olympic Champions, World Record holders, European and German champions. Across the globe National Olympic Committees (NOC), OSP (sport support in Germany) , prestigious sport clubs and national teams benefit from the training methods and technological expertise resulting from more than 12,000 training units. 

Over the past few years high altitude tourism/alpinism has developed into one of the strongest pillars of health tourism. This sector can profit of newly developed special preventive training and acclimatization programs.
Regular training under the simulated conditions of high altitude atmosphere, even only a few weeks prior to planned mountain trips, will prepare you ideally for the adventure. Due to an early acclimatization the risk of acute mountain sickness is reduced and the chances of reaching the summit, or simply enjoying the tour, will increase significantly. Compared with on-site acclimatization the preparation with LOWOXYGEN® is more comfortable, less time consuming and cost-efficient.