Fit for the Running Season - Enhance your Performance with High Altitude Training

LOXYMED has interesting offers for Runners!
The LOXYMED Centers in Berlin, Jena and Munich can simulate high altitude conditions up to 6000m without reduction of the air pressure. Athletes have the ability to train in ideal altitudes with professional coaching - the entire year. 
As in natural altitudes the body profits from multiple physiological adaptations caused by the oxygen deficit in the LOXYMED High Altitude Centers. 
Biological Adaptations: 
  • Enhanced aerobic performance
  • Improved maximum oxygen absorption due to increase in red blood cells
  • Improved oxygen transport
  • More efficient oxygen utilisation within the muscle cell
  • Improved Lactate-Performance relation
  • Economization of the cardiovascular system
  • Improved recovery
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved lipid metabolism
Numerous leisure and elite athletes use this unique LOXYMED service! Profit from the experience. 
The LOXYMED Team is happy to support you in your athletic goals. For more information please contact the LOXYMED centers directly.

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